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School Paper Hanger

September 5, 2013

Macaroni Made

By: Evonne Umbel, Mac Kid South Hills
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Evonne Umbrel
Class work, artwork, upcoming events and fundraisers... kids are always bring home papers from school. Sometimes I wonder how there are any trees left in the world! Lunch menus and permission forms are easy - they are hung on our fridge so I don't forget dates and I know whether to pack lunches or let them buy. Schoolwork is another story. Kids love seeing their hard work displayed for all to see, but sometimes there's just not enough room for everything.

With a little inspiration from Pinterest, I came up with this cute paper hanger. Every few days we go through their papers together and they pick one paper to hang.

What you need
  • Plastic VHS covers, cut in half with an Exacto knife. (A CD case or anything hard and similar in shape will also work)
  • Patterned and plain scrapbook paper - 1 of each per hanger 
  • Glue stick 
  • Scissors 
  • Decorative scissors (the ones that cut squiggly lines) 
  • Clothespins 
  • Yarn or string 
  • Duct tape 
  • Sharpies 
  • Plastic wall hangers 

What you do
  1. Using the patterned paper, cut it to fit the front of the case. 
  2. Cut a 2-inch strip of the plain colored paper. Write your message on this strip. Glue to the top of the patterned paper. 
  3. Glue the paper to the front of the case. 
  4. Glue a clothespin on the front, towards the bottom so you don't cover your message. 
  5. Cut a piece of string or yarn to your desired length. Duct tape it to the back of the case. 
  6. Pick a spot on your wall where you want to display your child's work. Hang your wall hanger. I used the Command brand micro hooks. If you use these, wait at least an hour before you hang anything from them. 
When your child brings home work that's worthy of displaying, you can proudly hang it on the wall for everyone to see. 

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