6 Tips for Taking Great First Day Pictures

By Lora Denton August 19, 2010

6 Tips for Taking Great First Day Of School Pictures

by Lora M Denton of Lora Denton Photography (

·         Capture the Growth!  Pose your child near something that is a fixed height, like a door or alternatively, something that is still growing, like a tree or bush.  If there are younger children who won’t be starting school, don’t forget to ask them to be in a few pictures.  Have all the kids that are leaving for school stand together for a few shots as well. These things will be meaningful in the future when you back and see all the growth and changes in the environment and the kids themselves.


·         Time it Right!  Take the picture before school, when the kids are still fresh, excited and clean (and the morning light will be much better than the harsh afternoon light). Think ahead about timing, so you’re not rushed in the morning. 


·         Include Accessories!  Book bags, lunchboxes, pencil cases – whatever your little one is taking with them.  Capturing the tiny details is important too!


·         Try a few different distance shots!  Take one photograph with the child’s whole body in the frame – capture those new outfits and shoes while they’re still clean and shiny!  Little faces change so quickly, from teeth falling out to freckles forming.  Getting a close up face shot will record that moment in your child’s life and it’ll be fun to compare the changes to the next year!


·         Get an action shot!  Although it may embarrass your child until Kingdom Come, it may be worth it to grab a snap of them boarding their bus for the first time (try to catch the bus number and maybe some faces in the window if you have a quick hand!) or walking into their school (preferably next to a sign with the school’s name on it).


·         Laugh and have fun! Kids tend to be nervous on that first big day. Keeping it light will help your little ones start their day off right!