New Year's Poppers

Throw a "Noon Year's Eve Party!"

By Sara McGill December 30, 2010

What fun is New Year's Eve to a kid who's in bed by 8 pm? Let younger children join in the festivities of New Year's Eve by hosting a "Noon" Year's Eve Party" or playdate.

For snacks, get cheese cubes, pieces of fruit and hot dog pieces and stick them with toothpicks. All kids love eating bite-sized foods from toothpicks. You can even get fancy and use the kind with frilly colors on the ends.

Get paper streamers from your local party store for kids and parents to toss at Noon.

You can make noise shakers from plastic water bottles for children to make noise with at the end of the countdown. Simply put dried beans, rice or cereal pieces in dry empty water bottles. Screw on the top and tape them shut. Kids can make them for a craft at the party.

You can also make Party Poppers as the craft for each child to take home, or make them yourself and send them home with kids as favors. (For how to, see Party Poppers article below.)

So get some dance music going and count down to Noon Year's Eve!

Make these fun New Year's Poppers filled with fun!

Here's what you need:

Empty toilet paper rolls
any festive wrapping paper or tissue paper
curling ribbon
scissors or craft knife
Candy, trinkets, Mardi Gras beads, crayons, anything to fill up the poppers

Start by measuring out enough wrapping paper to cover the roll but also leave extra on the ends to tie up with ribbon. (see photo) Next, cut the roll in half almost completely, but leave a small area attached (as seen in photo). Cutting will make it easier to rip open the popper when it's covered. Cover the roll and tie up one end with ribbon. Fill the roll with candy, etc. Tie up the other end. Give them out as a party favor along with noise makers! If you want the filling to be a surprise, but also want your kids to do this craft, have them fill the other child's popper and open them later.