Santa Holiday Card

Using Your Child's Hand Print

By Kelley Stryer December 16, 2010

What you Need:
8 1/2 x 11 Green and Red Construction Paper or Cardstock (Cardstock is sturdier)
Googly Eyes
Tempura Paint: White, Red, Pink (mix white and red to make the pink)
Black Sharpie
Kids Hands!

How to Make it:
Fold Green paper in Half to make a card
Put White paint on a paper plate and have your child dip his/her palm in it to cover completely
Make an upside down hand print towards the bottom of the paper
Let Dry
Cut out Santa hats (make them so the tip is on the paper)
Glue hats onto paper about 2 fingers above the hand print
Dip fingertips into white paint to make the white trim and tip on Santa's hat
Dip fingertips into red paint to make nose and pink paint to make cheeks
Glue on googly eyes
Using a black Sharpie, draw a little circle for the mouth