Valentine I-Pod!

Not Your Usual Valentine!

By Brittany Ciara February 10, 2011

This unique Valentine idea comes from my dear friend Brittany from Made By Brittany.

What you'll need:

1.) 1 oz. box of Sweethearts
2.) 2 mini Reeses cups, Hershy Kisses                                                                                        3.) 1 4x7 inch piece of red construction paper
4.) 1 pipe cleaner
5.) iPod screen & circle home button printout (found here)
6.) Glue gun
7.) Aluminum foil circles to cover Resses cups - optional

Step 1.) Glue the circle & screen onto the center of the red paper.

Step 2.) Wrap and glue the red paper around the box of Sweethearts.

Step 3.) Fold pipe cleaner like show in the materials picture above and glue                        it to the top corner of the Sweethearts box.

Step 4.) Glue a Resses cup to each of the ends of the pipe cleaner.

Remember, if you want to, you can wrap the Reeses cups in                                       aluminum foil first.

And with that, you're done!!! :)