Spring Mobile

By Michelle Melnik March 17, 2011

I often plan crafts while my daughter is at school.  I have all the supplies ready when she gets home and explain to her what I was thinking of doing.  More often than not, she will have an EVEN BETTER idea.

That is the case with this craft.  I had planned to do a mobile to Welcome Spring!!  I had all the supplies ready even a variety of butterflies and flowers.  My daughter looked at all the supplies and ran off.  It turned out that she decided it would be even better if she drew her own butterflies.  I agreed!!  The mobile came out so much more beautiful using the butterflies that she created.


- Two rectangles cut from cardboard.  We cut two rectangles using an old “Cliff’s Kids” box.
- Pipe cleaner
- Glue
- Crayons
- Butterflies, flowers, or any other items that make you think of Spring
- Ribbon or string (anytime I use these in a craft, I always like to mention - never leave young kids unattended with ribbon and string)


1.  Kids can color the pieces of cardboard.  We colored it blue to look like the sky and even added the sun.  Then glue the rectangles together so that they cross at the center.  This will be your base.
2.  Have children glue the butterflies to the flowers.
3.  Make a hole punch in each flower, and put the ribbon through the hole, making a knot at the top to hold in place.
4.  Make hole punches (as many as you need to fit the flowers) in the base that you made in step 1.
5.  Attach the butterflies/flowers to the base by putting the ribbon through the holes that you made.  Make a knot at the top to hold in place.
6.  Make another hole punch in the center of the base.  Add the pipe cleaner to the center to be used as the hanger.  I tied a knot at the bottom of the pipe cleaner to hold this in place.
7.  Hang near a window and wish for Spring!!