Create a Family Vision Board

Celebrate what makes your family special!

By Melissa Hucal January 8, 2015
There are many things that make your family unique. Use the start of 2015 to celebrate all those things and more by creating a family vision board.

Vision boards have become popular for individuals and businesses in the past years. It’s simple a collection of images or words of things you want, things you love, or things that motivate you. Placing all those things on one board creates a way to make goals and dreams visual.

Gather everyone together to create a vision board that will be a representation of your family.

You’ll need:
  • Card stock and a frame (optional), canvas or poster board
  • Old magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Mod Podge (a mixture of glue and water)
Determine what you would like to highlight on your family’s vision board. It could be goals for the year, plans for things you’d like to do together, new things to try … really, just about anything! We created a board that includes words that we think describe our family and/or that we hope people use to describe us.

Page through the magazines and cut out words or images that fit your vision board theme. We focused just on words.

Once everything is cut out, place the words or pictures on your card stock, canvas or poster board in a collage form and glue/Mod Podge into place. We used glue for our card stock, but if we had used a canvas, Mod Podge would work best!

Allow to dry and then display. We decided to frame our finished piece and place it in a spot in our home where we will see it every day.

This activity provides a great opportunity to talk about the things that are important to your family and to discover and celebrate what makes your family so special.