Tooth Fairy Magic is Coming!

Get a free letter from the Tooth Fairy!

By Jestine Mayes, publisher Macaroni Kid Johnstown - Laurel Highlands - Altoona February 28, 2022

We here at Macaroni KID Johnstown - Laurel Highlands - Altoona were honored with a recent visit from the infamous Tooth Fairy. To make the visit even sweeter, we were asked to be a helper!

With so many kids in the world today, the Tooth Fairy has been busier than ever and has asked that we help out by providing the parents in our subscriber area with a letter for your little ones!

With lots of fun facts about the Tooth Fairy and details about your child, the letter will be a surprise that will make the day even more special. Simply fill out the form and the letter will come straight to your mailbox!