Women Can Find Self-Defense Training in Johnstown

1791 Training Center Provides KAPS Training to Local Women

By Jestine Mayes, publisher Macaroni KID Johnstown - Laurel Highlands - Altoona August 4, 2022

The author was hosted to facilitate the review. All opinions are their own.

Growing up, I always assumed the best in people. I believed if given the chance, everyone would do the right thing, help strangers and support each other. As I've grown older, I've seen our communities distance themselves more and more. It's now common place to not know anything about the people you live next to. Neighbors no longer have conversations or dinner together or swap keys for emergencies. It's also becoming common place for people to not pay attention when someone is yelling for help. In fact, in a recent class I took at the 1791 Training Center, we were told to yell "FIRE" instead, as citizens are more likely to stop and pay attention to what is going on. 

I came across 1791 Training Center when I was looking into self defense classes and immediately reached out to them. The KAPS Training, which stands for Kubaton And Pepper Spray Training, teaches you how to properly use Kubatons and pepper spray. A Kubaton is a small hand-held defense weapon that can help someone defend themselves in a dangerous situation. The class that I was able to attend consisted of women of all ages - a teenager to a grandmother. We were all given the opportunity to choose our Kubaton key chain from many different designs and also to choose one of the pepper sprays that were available.

We were taught the basics of blocking, stance, and as I said above, to yell "FIRE" if we are ever attacked. We practiced where to strike with the Kubaton and to stay calm. Once we were comfortable holding the Kubaton and with our movements, we were able to move onto pepper spray training. The mannequin was our target and we all took turns spraying a demo of the pepper spray. The pepper spray is a gel that has UV dye in it that helps it stick to an assailant without spraying back at the victim. The UV dye also helps law enforcement to identify the assailant after an attack, as it cannot be easily washed off. 

In addition to the KAPS Training, 1791 Training Center also provides fire arms safety training, women's self-defense classes and much more. I highly recommend their training to help you feel more safe and more confident. You can find out more about their offerings at their Facebook Page.

I asked several of the women in my class what they liked most about the training. Here's what they had to say:

Marcia liked that the training was really hands on and that every 12-year-old girl should learn how to use Kubatons, as well as be taught situational avoidance.

Olivia - 16 - liked that the training was interactive and didn't just tell attendees to do it  but that she got to actually TRY it.

Amelia liked learning to hit within your range and learned that if you're short you shouldn't overreach.

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The author was hosted to facilitate the review. All opinions are their own.

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