Sweet Potato Vine Update- Week One!

Sweet Potato Vine Update- Week One!

July 15, 2010

This is what your sweet potato may look like if you started it last week with me!  You can see tiny nubs of roots emerging from the bottom.  If you want to catch up, the directions follow!

What you need:

1 sweet potato (NOT the kind wrapped in plastic for microwave!)

4 or 5 toothpicks (the colorful ones look great!)

a jar wide enough for the sweet potato to partially fit inside


Stick the toothpicks around the middle of the sweet potato to hold it up in the jar

Fill the jar with water so that the bottom of the potato is partially covered

put it in a sunny place so you can watch it

refill the water as needed


You will see roots sprout from the bottom under the water and green leaves from the top.  After you have a nice growth of each it can be planted in a container!