St. Patrick's Day Craft Ideas!

By Jamie Clark with Angela Anderson from March 10, 2011

Pot of gold Craft – Fill this leprechaun pot of gold with gold coins on popcorn.

Materials needed – 2 liter soda bottle, black tissue paper, card stock, green glitter foam sticker paper, 2 metal fasteners


  1.  Cut the top off of a soda bottle making a bowl shape.  (Wash the inside)
  2. Cut a strip of black tissue paper that is about two inches wider than the bowl shape you created
  3. Wrap and tap the tissue paper around the bowl.  Tape in place.  Wrap the bottom and tape.  Then fold the extra two inches of the tissue paper down into the inside of the bowl.
  4. Make a handle for your pot of gold – Cut an 1 X 8 inch strip of card stock and wrap with the black tissue paper. 
  5.  Choose where you want your handle to connect and mark it with a pen.
  6. Parents use a safety pin to poke a hole on each side of the pot and through the handle.
  7. Attach each side of the handle with the metal fasteners.  Now you will be able to move the handle up and down.
  8. Decorate your pot of gold with a green glitter shamrock or use St. Patricks Day stickers.
  9. Fill with gold coins or golden buttered popcorn!


Leprechaun Hat – Make a leprechaun top hat out of a paper plate and construction paper.  This is best made by the older kids.

Materials needed – 1 large paper plate, Green tissue paper, Green construction paper (of the same shade of green), stapler, tape, black tissue paper, Green glitter foam sticker paper


  1.  Cut the center out of a paper plate.
  2. Wrap the paper plate with tissue paper, making the brim of your leprechaun hat.
  3. Cut out 2 X 8 inch strips of green construction paper (approximately 8)
  4. Fold the strips 1 inch from the top.
  5. Lay the folded strip inside the circle and staple into place.  Repeat all the way around the brim.
  6. Cut out strips of green tissue paper.  Apply glue and attach to connect where the construction paper strips meet. 
  7. Cut the top so that it is even.  Cut out a strip of green tissue paper and make a border around the top.
  8. Cut out a 6 inch piece of black tissue paper.  Fold it, so that it is double sided.  Apply glue and wrap it around the hat where the brim meets the center of the hat.  This will cover up any rough edges.
  9. Use gold glitter foam sticker paper to make a buckle.  Cut out a rectangle and cut out the center and stick it to the hat.
  10. Cut out a shamrock from green glitter foam sticker paper and apply it to the hat.  Try to make it look like it was stick into the buckle.


Irish Clauddagh Rainbow Streamer – teach your kids the legend of the Irish claddaugh symbol while making this fund rainbow stream that they can run off energy with around the yard after making it.

Materials Needed – Paper plate, Tissue paper (multiple colors), construction paper, green paint or crayons, scissors, glue

  1.  Cut out a half moon shape on each side of the paper plate.
  2. Color the plate green with paint or crayons
  3. Trace your child’s hands (both of them) in orange construction paper and cut them out.
  4. Cut out a heart with red and a crown with orange. Cut out jewels (diamond shapes) too.
  5. Layout the claddaugh design on your paper plate and glue them into place.  Add jewels to the crown that are the same color as the tissue paper used.
  6. Cut out long strips of construction paper in a variety of colors.  We used the same colors as the jewels.
  7. Wrap the tissue paper inside of the paper plate openings and tape or glue into place.


Shamrock Mask – Make a mask of a shamrock to show off your Irish side this St. Patrick’s Day.

Materials Needed – Cereal box, green construction paper, craft stick, glue, scissors

  1.  Cut out one side of a recycled cereal box (used as card stock).
  2. Glue a sheet of green construction paper to it and let it dry.
  3. On the other side, draw a shamrock shape (3 intersecting hearts and a stem).
  4. Cut out your shamrock.
  5. Mark eye openings and cut them out.
  6. Paint or color your craft stick green and let dry.
  7. Glue the craft stick to the back of the mask.
  8. Decorate your mask with stickers or glitter glue.  Maybe add a ribbon around the craft stick.