Reindeer Pancake Anyone?

By Beth McCarthy December 15, 2011

Daddy got the super duper extra special award this past weekend from my kindergarten and preschooler for the best Reindeer Pancakes!!!  Mommy tried to get in on the action with her own snowman, but got thrown out of the kitchen.  Darn.

You will need:

•Your typical pancake recipe.  Mine:  any box in the cabinet labeled pancakes; just add water. 
•M&M (he used the miniature ones)
•chocolate chips
Make the reindeer

1.make two pancakes (one small round pancake and one large round)
2.use M&M's and chocolate chips for the eyes and nose. 
3.make 2 random shapes that appear to be antlers. 
4.if you mess it up, who cares, eat it, and then try again. 
5.if you really mess up, let the kids help.  Tell everyone the kids made them. 
6.Aw, how cute. 
7.Try other shapes, get thrown out the the kitchen and sit down and enjoy the Mac Kid newsletter. : )