Helping Students Manage Spring Activities

By Barron Whited, MS.Ed April 3, 2023
As spring approaches, many students will be spending more time outdoors playing at playgrounds, hiking in parks, and participating in sports.  With the extra sunshine and warmth, many kids will want to enjoy more outside activities. However, the nice weather may cause some students to neglect their schoolwork. Parents can help their children enjoy the spring weather, while still staying on top of their schoolwork.

Here are some tips for parents to help their students effectively manage their time:

1. Complete Homework After School 
Students should utilize their time wisely by being on a schedule to complete homework at a certain time every day. If possible, encourage them to finish their assignments and projects right after school. This way, they will remember a lot more from the school day because it is fresh in their minds. If they are involved in an after school activity, they should finish it after dinner.

2. Post Weekly Activities In The Kitchen
Parents can help keep their families stay organized with carpooling, dinner plans, evenings and weekend activities if they post them in the kitchen. It can provide a visual aid to the family so everyone remembers when and where they are supposed to be each day. It also can help with scheduling family time on a weekly basis.

3. Set Limits On Number of Activities
It helps parents to set priorities on which extra-curricular activities are most important for their children based on their interests and skills. They don’t want them to be overwhelmed or anxious on getting things completed because they are involved in too many events. It can assist parents if they set expectations for each of the clubs or organizations they are part of each week. It is important for students to make parents aware if they are taking on too much after school.

4. Engage In The Activity
It is vital for parents to make sure kids are participating in their activities so they can get the most of their experience. When children take full advantage of these events, it can help them emerge as leaders. Parents can encourage them to keep a journal of what they are doing in the activity. This can help with resume building and keeping track of their responsibilities.

5. Encourage Flexibility
It can help if parents teach their kids that sometimes things don’t go as planned and they need to be flexible in their schedules. For example, if it is outside activity, weather could be a factor and it could be rescheduled for another day. Sometimes, friends do not want to play certain games all the time, so they need change how they spend their time with them. These are just some suggestions that help student manage spring activities.

Barron Whited, MS. ED, College Expert
Guidance Counselor
K-12 School Counselor Certified
Bullying Prevention Specialist
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