Royal Wedding or Derby Hat

By Debby Perry Publisher of Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh West-Robinson Pa. May 3, 2018


Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married on 29th April 2011 in Westminster Abbey - and Macaroni Kid is celebrating! Get your little royalty ready because we're re-enacting a beloved British tradition that will be in full force at this royal wedding!  HATS, HATS AND MORE HATS!

 Royal wedding attendees, royal wedding watchers, simple commoners like us and more will most assuredly be decked out in the finest of millinery as Britain has always been in the big leagues when it comes to hats!  

Bowlers, baker boys, top hats, boaters, deerstalkers and countless ladies creations have been worn by the British for centuries and there's no end in sight!   You can expect to see over 1500 hats during the royal festivities this week!  Believe it or not, hats denoted status for many years and a woman was not considered fully dressed without a hat and gloves up until the 1950's!

Forget the crowns, tiaras and scepters this week!  Hats are where it's at and they are super fun and easy to make with some tape, glue, embellishments and tissue paper!! This activity is super creative and all up to you to proudly display your band wagon British side! While watching the royal festivities this week why not don a crazy hat and keep up with "Jones"  or wait...the "Windsors!"  This is an event to remember and we're going to remember it by creating some of the finest HATS Britain has ever seen---- or at least WE have ever created!

To create a simple tissue paper hat: 

  • Choose two pieces of tissue paper of coordinating colors.
  • Place them with a piece of newspaper between (use masking tape to hold them together).  
  • Place the pieces on top of the child head and wrap masking tape around the crown of the head over the paper.  then turn the tissue paper up all the way around the hat to form a brim using tape as you go.
  • To make it "ROYAL", embellish it! 
  • Decorate with flowers, stickers, feathers and more.  
  • Embellish it until your little heart is full!

Here are some sample pictures of some finished hats that friend's of Mac Kid Robinson made! 

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