Stamped Art Project

By Jestine Mayes, publisher Macaroni Kid Johnstown - Laurel Highlands - Altoona April 6, 2022

I've never really been an artsy person. I was jealous in school of the kids who could draw and paint beautiful masterpieces. I could see what I wanted to make in mind, but I just couldn't get my hands to cooperate. Since having kids, I've begun to remember how much fun it was to be in art class in the younger grades, before I realized I'd never be the next Picasso. I digress. This project can be made with some paint and some paper or card stock. Your painting tools can literally be anything in your house! From toy cars to cookie cutters, the ideas or limited only by a child's imagination, which are limitless! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Needed Items:


Paper, card stock, canvas, etc.

Stamps, cookie cutters, whisk, fork, toy cars, dinosaurs, blocks, small rubber ball, etc.


Newspaper or plastic tablecloth


  • Prepare your workspace to ensure paint isn't left on your tabletop. Tape down the tablecloth or newspapers to ensure they don't slide around while working.
  • Set out paints in different colors - for this project paper plates work fantastic to allow different sized items to be put in the paint
  • Have the kids go through their toys to find different items they want to use or you can do this before hand. As long as the item can be easily washed in the sink or dishwasher, go with it! You may surprise yourself with what can be used!
  • Have your kids dip the items into the paint and then "stamp" it onto the paper. You can use different items all over the paper or use one item to stamp the entire thing with different colors. This is so fun for kids of all ages - and adults too!
  • Once your kids are done, likely with several from each of them, hang their creations up to dry.
  • If it's a holiday, cut out a desired design, such as a Santa head, spider, duck or flower. Hand up their masterpieces! 
  • TIP: Use scrap pieces of the painted paper for gift tags or note cards!

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