Suncatcher Art

With Spring approaching, suncatchers are the perfect project to highlight the welcome sunshine.

By Jestine Mayes, publisher Macaroni Kid Johnstown - Laurel Highlands - Altoona April 12, 2022

When I was a child I loved the suncatchers we had on our kitchen window above the sink. I've always loved the bright sunny days of late spring through early fall. Each year my mood brightens with the warmth of the sun. With Spring quickly approaching, suncatchers seemed like an ideal craft to keep my kiddos busy and to brighten our windows.

Needed Items:

  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Items to Decorate: tissue paper, construction paper, tape, ribbon, etc. (the thinner and more see through, the better!)


  • Cut out a sheet of contact paper. Remove the backing and place sticky side up on the table. Tape down to keep it from moving while you're working.
  • Draw your design on the contact paper with a marker. You can literally do anything you like and can match a room's theme if you wish. 
  • Lay out your supplies and let your child decorate the contact paper. If they get bored, allow them to leave and come back to it.
  • When they decide they are done, cut a second sheet of contact paper. Remove the backing and lie onto the decorated one, sticky side to sticky side.
  • Cut your design out, but leave room around the design to allow it to stay sealed, as bits of paper and other materials on the borders can keep it from being sealed if cut right along the border.
  • Allow your child to hang in the window or hang it for them from the ceiling in front of the window.

*Craft completed by our babysitter Mary and our kids.

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