Free Little Libraries Help With Boredom

When the library is closed and your craving a new book, look for a Free Little Library!

By Jestine Mayes, publisher Macaroni Kid Johnstown - Laurel Highlands - Altoona May 14, 2022

When your on your walk around town or doing your errands, have you noticed the oversized birdhouse looking things? They are usually posted near sidewalks, parks and bus stops. These are Little Free Library stops where you can borrow and share books for free, all year round.

Little Free Library is a nonprofit based in Wisconsin with a mission to build community, inspire readers and expand access to books throughout the world. Little Free Libraries are manned by volunteers, or stewards, who maintain the library and keep it stocked with books 24/7. Stewards in our area include students from local schools, residents and others, all working to keep books accessible to everyone. There are also Free Libraries all around that are installed and taken care of by community groups, school clubs and residents that are not a part of the Little Free Library program. Some of these even provide dry goods for families in need.

So how do you participate in these libraries? Once you find one, whether near your home, on vacation or at school, pick a book! Have some around your house that you don't plan to read again? Leave them in the library! Does your local spot offer dry goods as well? Drop off some boxed or canned goods when you go for your next read. Share with others the availability on social media so that more people can take part in the movement! The more people that participate the greater the variety! The beauty of the free libraries is that there is no requirement other then respect and the love of books. 

I've gathered as many locations throughout the Laurel Highlands as I could to provide you with. If you know of any that are not listed, please share with me so that I can add it to the list. You can find this printable HERE by filling out the form! The listing will be sent to your email right away! You will receive four printables - the overall locations, Blair locations, Cambria locations and Somerset/Ligonier locations. Choose which one you want and print!

All Locations:

Blair County Locations:

Cambria County Locations:

Somerset/Ligonier Locations:

I hope you get to enjoy these amazing little nooks of reading treasures throughout the year! Please don't forget to share your adventures and finds with us on social: @MacKIDJohnstown!

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