Finding Adventure in the Sullivan Catskills

Three experiences that are can't miss in the Sullivan Catskills, NY

By Jestine Mayes, Publisher Macaroni KID Johnstown - Laurel Highlands - Altoona August 4, 2022

One of my favorite things to do is to be outside, so when I had the chance to visit the Sullivan Catskills in New York with some fellow publishers, I jumped at the chance. I've put together three things you won't want to miss when you make the trip for yourself.

The author was hosted to facilitate the review. All opinions are their own.

Memories on the River

There's nothing better on a warm summer day than floating down a gorgeous river with non-stop picture-perfect scenery. Add in a stop along the trip for a picnic lunch and some friends or family, and you've got a trip that will provide a lifetime of memories. 

We visited Lander's River Trips for our five mile rafting adventure on the Delaware River. After being briefed on safety information, and getting our life vests and paddles, we pushed off the shore into the crystal clear water. We saw incredible sights of bald eagles and collected shells from the water for our kids back home, we also stopped halfway along the journey for a swim in the cool water. 

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Historical Tourism

No one ever wants to "look" like a tourist, but taking part in the touristy features of any town can be tons of fun. Learning what happened in the past, and why, can give us insights into the future. However, even after learning how Woodstock came to be, we've been unable to replicate the atmosphere and camaraderie from that historical event. 

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is the original site of Woodstock and has the most incredible museum, guided tours, and play-all-day camps for visitors interested in the arts. The grounds consist of an outdoor concert pavilion, Woodstock museum, housing for visiting instructors from all over New York, and so much more. On our guided tour we got to see the backstage of the concert pavilion, tour the summer camps, and we even got to see the original path through the woods that was the Bindy Bazaar during the original festival.

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Search for the Doves

Throughout Sullivan Catskills, you'll find the Dove Trail. Each dove is decorated to coordinate with the business and history of where the dove is located. You can find a map online to help you find all 50. While on our trip we were able to see several of the doves, however, the ones at Bethel Wood Center of the Arts and at the Resorts World Catskills were by far my favorite ones. How many of the doves can you find during your trip?

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I hope you'll consider a trip to Sullivan Catskills to make memories of your own.